JAS Additive Alloys
Market Leader in Small-Batch Production

Consistency You Can Count On

Engineered specifically for Additive Manufacturing, JAS additive alloys provide consistent flowability and high packing density.  We’re ready to deliver small lots for prototyping and testing or tens of thousands of pounds each month for scaled manufacturing or re-sale.  Either way,
JAS delivers on time, every time.

Additive Manufacturing Alloys

JAS has been designing alloys for additive manufacturing since 2013.  That experience has taught us a few things, for example, AM is not the same as Thermal Spray.  Additive powders must be pure, fully dense, highly spherical and have consistent morphology.  Most users have experienced the frustration that comes from meticulously employing a printing parameter only to generate parts with inconsistent characteristics.

Our answer: Check the powder, even the slightest deviation will skew results significantly. At JAS, we never deviate from spec, even with the narrowest chemistry and sizing constraints.

With JAS, you’ll get AM Powders you can count on for consistent results

  • Superior Morphology
  • High Purity
  • Exacting Chemical Composition
  • Optimized Density
  • Consistent Deposition
  • Remarkable Packing Density

JAS Coated Alloy Particles For AM

The primary purpose of a  coated particle is to maintain  the integrity of each material’s  properties while remaining  homogeneously dispersed

Constructed through several patented processes of coating a primary particle with other materials, JAS Coated Particles are designed to specifically address challenges unique to Additive Manufacturing.

Primary Particle Materials:

  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Diamond
  • Polymer

Coating Uses:

  • Exothermic Generation
  • Vaporization Reduction
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Explosivity Prevention
  • Homogeneous Dispersion of Material


Doping Agent Attached to Primary Particle Surface


  • Many Material Options
  • High throughput
  • Economical


  • Inconsistent Dispersion
  • Less Spherical
  • Residual Binder

Doping Agent Attached to Primary Particle Surface


  • Many Material Options
  • Homogenous Dispersion
  • Dense Particles


  • Mostly Non-Spherical
  • Density Variance of Particles Matter

Primary Particle Spheroidized with Doping Agent


  • Many Material Options
  • Doping Agent is Intertwined, not just at surface
  • Spherical


  • Longer Production Times
  • Less Material Options

Chemical Deposition
Primary Particle Layered with Doping Agent


  • Homogenous Dispersion
  • Spherical Morphology
  • Precision Coating


  • Longer Production Time
  • Less Material Options

Private Label Alloys for Additive

We all want to offer our customers a good experience with our products and services while capturing maximum wallet share.  To do this most companies choose to build a branded ecosystem that helps keep us engaged with our customers.  JAS’s Private Label Alloys for Additive provides AM equipment manufactures the opportunity to supply their customers with some of the highest quality metal powders available on the market, branded as their own.  We’ll help you develop parameters for your equipment as well as design an exclusive product suite of alloys specific to your customer’s needs.

The JAS Private Label program allows you to focus on what you do best while providing your customers a better, more holistic experience through supplying world class alloy powders.

Standard Alloys

JAS manufactures many of the standard alloys that are widely used in the Additive Manufacturing space.  The consistency of quality in our AM powders however sets a standard in the industry.

See our list of JAS Standard Alloys for Additive