Dissolvable Alloys 

A robust metal that can dissolve on command may sound like science fiction, but it’s not – it’s just science. When the need for a strong metal is transient, our dissolvable alloys, designed to harness the power of galvanic corrosion, will provide strength when you need it and disappear when you don’t.

JAS fracballs

Cleaner fracking means less chemicals.  JAS FracBalls can be dissolved without the need for chemicals, in fact, our metal frac balls can be dissolved with clean, distilled drinking water.  They also degrade at a consistent rate, which prevents failures downhole.

To do this, we apply a rigorous, proprietary process, coating individual alloy particulates with just the right mix of materials, creating a homogeneous alloy.  That mix triggers a controlled galvanic reaction, dissolving the JAS FracBall … precisely when you need it gone.

Because we understand the economics of oil & gas production, we know it's critical for JAS FracBalls to perform every time, preventing costly shutdowns. 

FracBall Selection Factors:

  • Downhole Survival Time
  • Operating Temperature
  • Fluid Composition
  • Seating Size
  • Ball Sizing
  • Ball & Seat Difference
  • Downhole Pressure Levels

JAS FracBall Key Features

  • Uniform Degradability - dissolves at a consistent rate due to alloy homogeneity
  • Cleaner Fracking - dissolves in distilled water, no chemicals necessary
  • Sizing - customized to exacting size specs
  • Temperature - dissolves at a wide range of temps, from 20° C up to 150° C
  • Pressure - withstands pressures up to 65,000 psi

JAS FracBalls can stand the heat.

Our frac balls don’t fail, even at 300°F they can also dissolve at room temp

Homogenous Dissolution

JAS FracBalls dissolve uniformly in clean, distilled water

Pressure is no problem.

JAS FracBalls are always strong, up to 65,000psi.