Alloys & Ceramics

Quality Products

Delivered When You Need It

JAS alloys, carbides and ceramics are constructed with a focus on quality and consistency.  We're ready to deliver small lots for prototyping and testing or tens of thousands of pounds every month for scaled manufacturing.  Either way,
JAS delivers on time, every time.

Additive Manufacturing Alloys

Additive manufacturing sometimes feels more like an engineered art than a science. Clients often express frustration over using meticulously constructed application processes only to experience inconsistent results.

Our answer: Check the powder, even the slightest of deviation will skew results significantly. At JAS, we don’t deviate from spec, even with the narrowest chemistry and sizing constraints.

Our AM Powders Have:

  • Superior Morphology, optimizing flow rates
  • High Purity, due to Atomizing in an inert environment
  • Exacting Chemical Composition
  • Optimal Density, for your needs
  • Consistent Deposition

With JAS, you’ll get AM Powders you can count on, for consistent results.